Multiple Grave and Estate Lot Memorials

Experts in design since 1924.

CretiuTwo grave lots, often referred to as companion lots, are available in all area cemeteries and generally allow for any type of raised monument. There may be width and height restrictions and Superior Memorials' staff is well versed in all of the appropriate bylaws and restrictions allocated to each and every cemetery.

Multiple lot sites often purchased for several family members to be placed together, either casket or urn interments, allow for larger monuments with more engraving and design space to personalize the family genealogy.

With well over 80 years of experience, we can order any shape or size of memorial and with our talented artistic and carving staff, assist all of our families to create a long lasting and personal tribute for generations to come.

At Superior Memorials you have the opportunity to meet our stone carver and create a beautiful memorial together.