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1. How do I begin the process?

   Set up an appointment with our memorial counsellor to see our design studio.

2. What is the timeframe for getting a marker or memorial placed?

    This timeline can vary depending on many things.  At the time of your purchase, you will be given our best      estimate of how long your particular memorial will take. Granite, size and artistic complexity will tell              us if it will be a couple of months or 6-8 months.

3. What factors affect the timeline?

  1. We cannot install an upright monument until the foundation has been poured and set, which does not happen in the winter.

  2. In today’s world, shipping delays are often the case and are out of our hands.

  3. A custom sculpture, or any complex design can take longer due to the amount of work done at the quarry.


4. What is the standard cost of a memorial?

     There is no standard or average cost. We custom order every piece of granite based on the size and               shape you choose, within the parameters of the bylaws of the cemetery.  Every cemetery is different, and       we contact each one prior to your first appointment. Costs start in the low thousands for a simple and           small memorial.  Depending on the complexity and size, the cost will increase.  We have done some               exquisite tributes for as much as thirty thousand dollars.  No matter the budget, our memorial                       counsellors can tailor to suit.

     We recommend booking an appointment with us so we can go over all the options and give you a quote         based on your preferences and size restrictions of your lot.

5. What is a foundation?

    A foundation is a concrete pouring that goes 4-5 feet deep below the frost line. This is necessary to                support the weight of the granite memorial and prevent heaving or shifting.

6. Do I need to have a foundation?

    Yes, all upright memorials require a foundation to support the weight of the granite memorial.

7. Where does the granite come from?

    Our granite is sourced from quarries all over the world and our main fabricators are in Quebec and India.        Quarry selection depends on the size and colour of granite ordered.


 8. Do you have any stock items?

     We specialize in custom ordering, so each family has a unique memorial that tells their story. However,           occasionally we do have some pieces in stock. Visit our sale page or book an appointment to see these           featured items.

9. What material can be used for a memorial?

    All cemeteries in Ontario require granite memorials only.  Softer materials such as marble are not                permitted anymore because they will deteriorate over time.

10. What is Superior Memorials’ service area?

     Primarily our delivery area is Southern Ontario, but we can arrange for memorials to be shipped most             places in North America.

11. What is required to have an etching done on a memorial?

     The granite must be black and the family must provide a high resolution image to ensure a clear result.         The image will lose some clarity, therefore if the image is low resolution to start, the final etching will be       blurry. We can guide you with your choice at the time of purchase.

12. How can we add memorialization when there is an existing memorial and cremated remains are added to       the lot?

     We get asked this question often.  If a memorial was not designed to have more names added to it, we           will suggest adding a plinth, or sub base to the existing monument. This is a granite insert that will be           created in a size between the base and tablet and in a colour that complements the existing memorial.           In cases where a plinth would make the memorial exceed the height restriction, we can offer a bevelled         base.  A memorial counsellor can assist with the details at the time of your appointment.

13. How can we get a final date inscription completed?

     You can book an appointment or call one of our offices to complete an inscription order. We can pull our         records to see what needs to be added. If the existing memorial is not ours, we can still add a final date.       We go to the cemetery and get a rubbing; a wax impression of the memorial to match the lettering style         and size.

14. Does the memorial have to be removed from the cemetery to complete a final date inscription?

     No. We do not remove the memorial unless the lettering to be added is significantly more than a simple         final date inscription.  We have a cemetery contractor that can do the work on site.


     If there is anything we haven’t covered here, please feel free to reach out and ask.

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