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16 - Sculpture.jpg

Design One

One of a kind, bas relief sculpture of Holy man holding child.

Laurentian pink with scalloped edges stands over 5 ft on its matching polish margin base

21 - Broken Heart.JPG

Design Three

Just over 4 ft, this fully polished Bahama blue tablet represents a broken heart. Matching bevel base allows for extra lettering.

A07 - Cross with Starburst.jpg

Design Five

This matching red unit has an oversized base with a mounted vase. The tablet is 3 ft tall with cross design, accented by the fine chisel ribbing texture.

20 - Sculpted Heart.jpg

Design Two

Just under 5 ft tall, this Indora granite memorial features a curved front, round heart edges, sculpted roses, as well as a bullnose, polish margin base.

20 - Sculpted Heart.jpg

Design Four

This beautiful Barre steeled, concave curved unit stands almost 6 ft tall. The stairs lead to a cut out with scotia cuts to the open door. Shown with a polished black granite vase.


Design Six

This beautiful sculpted angel stands over the polished heart section of this 4 ft black granite tablet. She has fully sculpted wings on the back.

Design Seven

A beautiful spot to sit and remember your loved ones on this 4 ft Catseye granite bench.

STOCK 2 white.jpg

Design Eight

Polished front and back Black tablet

STOCK 3 white.jpg

Design Nine

All polished Black tablet

STOCK 4 white.jpg

Design Ten

All polished Brits tablet

STOCK 5 white.jpg

Design Eleven

Polished front and back Brits tablet

STOCK 6 white.jpg

Design Twelve

Polished front and back Gem Mist tablet

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